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The Basic Rules Regarding the Joker in American Mahjong

When learning the game of Mahjong, understanding and knowing when a Joker tile can be used is a critical thing to know and it is well known that the use of the Joker in card games began in America. It should not be surprising that American Mahjong is the only version that uses a Joker. The use of the Joker adds more strategy to the game.

The Basic Rules of the American Mahjong Joker

It's important to note that the Joker can only complete a set that has three or more tiles in it and it can never be used in pairs and in singles. Play the game that is on every serious player's mind, mainly the mahjong gratuit game that can only be accessed via The website provides specialty games and promotional offers for players. This is a top quality site that is certainly worth a recommendation. Also, it cannot be used in 2010 or runs that are similar to this. Another rule is the Joker cannot be used throughout the pre-game Charleston.

Eight Jokers in American Mahjong

There are only eight Jokers in a set of American Mahjong and players should be aware of this for strategic purposes and reasons. Once the most basic rules of the game have been mastered, the following step in Mahjong is learning how to focus on a strategy. This is great news because it is the most challenging and exciting part of the entire game.

Until recently, the only way players could learn the ways of Mahjong was by purchasing a book with rules or finding a friend who has the patience to teach the game. Times have changed since then and players can use DVDs that have step-by-step guides, teaching users how to play. American Mahjong is an exciting game that requires strategy.